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 Historical Background

Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie was established in 1930 as an agricultural school. It started its educational process in January 1930 with two classes, the students of the first class were selected from those who finished the sixth grade, the other class accepted students who finished the eleventh grade and who received courses in theoretical and practical agricultural sciences for three years, half of the students of this class were chosen to spend the fourth year in the teacher training class. In 1944 it became an intermediate college (Three years diploma program) which is followed by a teacher training class, this system continued until 1947. It remained under the supervision of the department of agriculture until 1944 then it became under the supervision of the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

- 1961: It became an intermediate college named "Al-Hussein Agricultural College".
- 1965:  A teacher preparation department was established to prepare teachers of chemistry and sciences who hold the General Secondary Education Certificate (Tawjihi) and its name was changed to " Al-Hussein Institute for Agriculture"
- 1968: Its name was changed to "Kadoorie Agricultural Institute- Tulkarm".
- 1982: New specializations were added to prepare teachers and its name changed to "Tulkarm Community College".
- 1993: Its name was changed to " Kadoorie Polutechnic College".
- 1994: It became under the responsibility of the Palestinian National Authority and its name was changed to "Palestine Technical College- Kadoorie".
- 1999: It started granting the Bachelor Degree in two specializations; Physical Education and Electrical Engineering. In 2004 it started granting the Bachelor Degree in technological education.
- 2007: It evolved into a full fledged university to become the first governmental technical university in the west bank “Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie” which grants the Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, Physical Education, Technological Education, Industrial Automation and Computerized Banking & Financial Sciences.
- 2008: Professor Daoud Zatari was appointed as the first president of the university. He devotes much attention to the quality and level of education at the university and he works hard to foster bonds of relationship with the local, regional and international communities. The university administration has been working to lay the basic system and the hierarchy at the university. It has also laid a two stage developmental plan, a five year one and a ten year one. Through this plan the Administration, hopefully, seeks to initiate new unique specializations that complete the role of the other universities in order to meet the needs of the local, regional and international markets. The developmental plan also aims at raising the level of technical education at the university through attracting highly qualified staff.
- 2009: The university opened new specializations in Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechatronics, Applied Mathematics and Industrial Management.
The university aspires to open new specializations as Industrial Engineering, Air-Conditioning & Refrigerating Engineering, Civil Engineering and Media Techniques.

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